The HuRuCo Flock of Rarebreed sheep

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Our little flock of rare and native breed sheep were founded from a desire for us to keep a small flock of sheep to give our children a leg up in to agriculture when they are old enough.
Our current flock all began back in 2017 with 9 broken mouthed (old girls) Herdwicks that had been running with a Texel Tup (male sheep) bought from a cull market (sheep that are put into food chain after their commercial life has come to an end), they all went on to produce a lamb each that year and the oldest of the girls who was getting into her teens only left us last year having lambed for us every year.

Each breed with us has a little story as to why we keep them that we will explore on the individual tab for each sheep under our sheep heading but all share in similar aspects that we aim to produce good quality pedigree stock that are given time to grow and as sustainably as possible.

Our sheep have various uses, Mrs Farmer makes amazing woollen products that you can read about HERE, We sell females from our various breeds to other breeders and new breeders, some of our rare breeds go as pets or companion animals and we occasionally have meat boxes available from our sheep .
Our meat is mainly sold as either Hogget (sheep over 1 year old) , or Mutton (2+ years) we are big believers that giving the sheep a year to slowly grow without filling them with concentrated feed makes for a well flavored, marbled meat that has the added benefits of the animal having a longer life making use of the natural pasture and forage and not relying on bought-in man made concentrates. For meat availability please  email us and why not Subscribe for updates

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