Authentic Hebridean Hogget

Farm Life

Just a quick update guys to say we are now part of the Authentic Hebridean Hogget Scheme, head on over to the HSS website to read more about this scheme.

“Tastier. Healthier. High quality. Speciality. Seasonal. Known provenance…are all terms that accurately describe meat from Hebridean Sheep. The meat is dark, succulent and distinctly sweet with a subtle gamey flavour. Hebrideans are natural browsers and they prefer land that contains a diversity of plants which in turn adds to their meat’s distinctive flavour. Similar to other primitive breeds, Hebridean are slow to mature. This allows the flavour of the meat to develop further and they are often finished as hogget (meat from lambs over 1 year of age) or mutton (from sheep over 2 years old).

Healthier – lean meat that’s lower in cholesterol and higher in omega fatty acids


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