Hebridean vegetarian sheepskin rug 130cmx98cm


Wet felted Hebridean vegetarian sheepskin.

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This rug is made from the 2022 sheared fleece of our Hebridean ewe Brandy.

By using the sheared wool we have created a sustainable product using the amazing natural wool that we can use year on year. Every time the wool grows back its a slightly different colour, staple or texture which makes each and every rug complete EWEnique.

We back the fleece with carded wool and wet felt it using soap, hot water and elbow grease. Once set we give it a good rinse using plain old water from a bore hole and leave it to drip dry in the sunshine.

As this is a natural product there may still be elements of veg matter retained within the rug. Every effort has been made to remove these but the odd bit may still be lurking. Expect your rug to shed a little.

This rug measure at its longest points 130cm by 98cm. It is suitable for low traffic areas such as in front of a fire, at the beside or thrown over the back of a chair.

A note about shearing – we shear the wool for animal welfare purposes. If we didn’t then in the summer when it is warm and wet, the sheep are highly susceptible to a condition called fly strike which can be fatal.

To follow our sheep adventures give us a follow on our Facebook and Instagram pages @HurucoRareBreeds.

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Dimensions 130 × 98 × 5 cm

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