Needle felted Valais Blacknose Ewe


Needle felted Valais Blacknose Ewe

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This sheep is handmade using 100% wool from our small flock of rare and native breed sheep.

The needle felted Valais Blacknose sheep are made from the sheared wool from our flock. These sheep have incredibly long wool so they are sheared twice a year so there are a limited number of items available.

Valais Blacknose sheep have different markings depending on if they are male or female. The breed standard is they have black patches on their front knees, black patches on their back legs, black feet and then the girls have a black spot under their tail. The horns differ between males and females too. We try and capture this in our models.

Ornaments are handmade to order.
Orders take around 3-5 days to make depending on order levels and of course farm work!

A little card comes with each sheep to say which member of the flock it is made from and you can follow them all on our Facebook and Instagram pages @HurucoRareBreeds.

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