Small Peg Loom Hebridean x Whiteface Woodland pure wool Rug


Small Peg Loom Hebridean x Whiteface Woodland pure wool Rug

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This rug has been woven on a peg loom using 100% combination of Hebridean and Whiteface Woodland wool.

This rug has been woven after the fleeces have been hand washed with plain old water from a bore hole and dried out in the sunshine. Then the washed fleeces go through the drum carding machine to be blended and create roves of wool that are then woven on the peg loom. It may still smell a little sheepy to begin with but that will soon fade!

As this is a natural product there may still be elements of veg matter retained within the rug. Every effort has been made to remove these but the odd bit may still be lurking. Expect a bit of shedding.

This rug measures in at 22 inches long by 19 inches wide. It’s super nice and thick and would make an excellent door mat or pet mat.

A little card comes with each rug to say where the wool has come from. To follow our sheep adventures give us a follow on our Facebook and Instagram pages @HurucoRareBreeds.

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Dimensions 56 × 48 × 5 cm

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